Absorption Matters | Let Ingredients Do Their Job

marybeth July 2, 2019 0 comments 0


If you apply potent, effective, and expensive skin care products on a dull dead layer of surface skin…they CAN’T penetrate. If they can’t reach the target zones then they can’t do their job and you will not get results. Eliminating cellular buildup is not just key for skin looking healthy but is KEY to product absorption. After all, if the goal is breathing life back into asphyxiated, congested, or problematic skin, the surface MUST be ready and receptive to absorbing the things that can help.

We are back to the topic of exfoliation, at the basis of showcasing fresh, dewy, glowing, even, smooth, healthy skin. There are many ways to exfoliate from slowly through daily care products to aggressive peels and lasers. Let’s look at common mild and moderate ways to exfoliate.

  1. Physical scrubs are cleansers or masks containing very small, smooth, non-irritating grains that polish off debris and dead cells.
  2. Low percentage acids such as glycolic, mandelic, lactic, and salicylic in daily home care products cause the epidermal layer (top) of skin to fall apart and slough off. Serums are the workhorses of skin care because they contain pure, concentrated ingredients that penetrate to where they can make a difference. Many serums contain these acids and should be applied first after cleansing. Some acid types and concentrations are gentler than others. It is important to work with a knowledgeable skin care practitioner who can advise you on products for your skin that are not irritating or will cause harm rather than improvement.
  3. Topical Vitamin A revolutionized skin care especially for acne and anti-aging. It converts to Retinoic acid in the dermis. It is a great exfoliator as well as a proven product that promotes collagen production and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Chemical peels also can be performed as mild to aggressive procedures. Most people want a painless, little downtime treatment with visible results. Sometimes it takes a series of peels to cause the degree of change one is looking for. However, these topical, in-office peels use a higher concentration or a combination of acids to remove several layers of epidermis at a time. They are used to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, and healthy skin maintenance.
  5. Microdermabrasion uses a mechanical wand to manually and gently polish skin and remove dead cells. It is effective and has no downtime.

So, did I beat that dead horse enough? I just gave you the one beauty secret any aesthetician or skin care expert would agree is first and basic to anything else you do…be it a skin care regimen or other anti-aging procedures like filler, toxin injections, or lasers. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate…it really matters.