Are you a Two-Timer? | Dysport Restylane Bethesda Skin Care

marybeth January 27, 2019 0 comments 0

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Washing your face twice at the end of the day removes more dirt, pollution, makeup, and bacteria. Any super model will tell you their absolute skin care rule is to wash their face before bed no matter how tired they are.  Makeup, standing on the curb while cars and buses go by, touching and scratching our faces during the day and sweating are just some of the assaults on our complexion.

First, use a good eye and makeup remover or your regular cleanser to get the bulk of day’s accumulation off the face. This step clears the way for a cleanser to actually remove residue from skin and pores. Secondly, use a good cleanser appropriate for you skin type and spend a full minute massaging and reaching all areas of the face including up to the hairline, out to the ears, and around the curve of the jawline. Rinse well so that all cleanser is removed and water can flush any debris from the pores.

The benefit of this extra step and time is that any serums. lotions or corrective products you apply will actually penetrate and do their intended work. The investment in good quality skin care and habits will be a game changer.

So, be a two-timer!