PROBLEMS SOLVED | Commom Skin Concerns

marybeth May 18, 2019 0 comments 0

Let’s examine the most common skin concerns one at a time  —

1. Pores become clogged with dead skin cells, environmental pollution, and sebum.

    FIX: Be consistent with a custom designed skin care routine just for you. Essentials include a Cleanser, an                         exfoliating agent that accelerates cell turn over, and weekly use of a skin polish with beads or a detoxifying mask.

2. Dull skin is a result of slow cell turnover, loss of moisture, and lack of exfoliation.

     FIX: Exfoliation !! Daily use products that include a retinol or an acid compatible for your skin (gylcolic, lactic,                   salicylic, mandelic) will slough off dead skin cells. Chemical peels are paired with a daily plan to speed up and                     maintain progress.

3. Fine lines and wrinkles caused by UV damage, free radicals, breakdown of collagen, dryness, diet, and genetics contribute to evidence of aging.

     FIX: Again, accelerating cell turnover, boosting collagen, and hydration with the ingredients and products                              known to protect skin from these assaults. Discuss whether adding fillers or neurotoxin would enhance your gains.

4. Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, is caused by UV exposure over time, hormones, and injury to the skin.

     FIX: Daily sunscreen is non-negotiable! Pairing products that suppress melanin formation in the dermis with                 exfoliation and brightening agents that lift off the existing pigment are where you start. Monthly chemical peels for  a time will fast track results

5. Thinning skin is evidence of losing collagen and an unorganized matrix of support. This leads to sagging and crepey-ness over time.

      FIX: Once again, products that boost collagen and elastin will strengthen and thicken the skin.

Take away, a repeating theme:

Use a sunscreen everyday. Vitamin A products, like potent Retinols, are the only proven anti-aging topical product and are essential from age 30 and older.

Exfoliate often with physical scrubs and chemical topicals like Retinol and acid serums.

Use multitasking products that encourage cell turnover, protect against UV and free radicals, and boost collagen like Retinols, antioxidants, peptides, and brighteners.

Hydrate to prevent water loss through the skin.

Fillers, toxins, microdermabrasion and lasers and other in-office procedures can bump up results even more.