Glossary of Ingredients

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We see products making claims based on ingredients that will deliver miracles in some cases. Here are some of the key ingredients to look for and what they actually do. Medical grade skin care products are more potent, use more concentrated ingredients and are allowed, by FDA law, penetrate below the epidermis (Something OTC products are not permitted to do)….

Retin-A vs. Retinol

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Any new patient consultation includes a discussion about their current skin care routine. Aside from SPF, I tell patients the two most important steps in a skin care program are use of a Vitamin A (retinoic acid) product and exfoliation. Then I typically hear: “I was on Retin-A once an I got really red and peeled.” I proceed to explain…

Maskne – A new Phenomenon

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Many new words and practices have become common in our current daily lives. Here is another one: Maskne…the appearance of new or worsening acne partly as a result of wearing a facial covering. Other skin conditions can also be caused by wearing a mask: irritation, flare-ups of rosacea, rashes, and clogged pores. Masks, as they are designed to, trap moisture…

The Pigmentation Spectrum | Freckles to Melasma

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The day we were born our skin was the purest it would ever be. Day two began the lifelong accumulation of external assaults. In adulthood, our (skin) life flashes before our very eyes (every time we look in the mirror). What we see are brown spots, blotchiness, or patches of pigment most noticeable on areas frequently exposed to sunlight…face, neck,…

Absorption Matters | Let Ingredients Do Their Job

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If you apply potent, effective, and expensive skin care products on a dull dead layer of surface skin…they CAN’T penetrate. If they can’t reach the target zones then they can’t do their job and you will not get results. Eliminating cellular buildup is not just key for skin looking healthy but is KEY to product absorption. After all, if…

JUNE SPECIALS | Injectables

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          30% OFF all PCA skin care products.    A good time to upgrade, add, or tweak your summer regimen   *****Vitamin B-12 injections**** Cost of one $30, purchase 4 for $100 OR purchase 5 and get the 6th for FREE! Vitamin B-12 can increase ENERGY, mood, low red blood cell count, strengthen bones, hair, nails, skin,…

PROBLEMS SOLVED | Commom Skin Concerns

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Let’s examine the most common skin concerns one at a time  — 1. Pores become clogged with dead skin cells, environmental pollution, and sebum.     FIX: Be consistent with a custom designed skin care routine just for you. Essentials include a Cleanser, an                         exfoliating agent that accelerates cell…

Are you a Two-Timer? | Dysport Restylane Bethesda Skin Care

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat Washing your face twice at the end of the day removes more dirt, pollution, makeup, and bacteria. Any super model will tell you their absolute skin care rule is to wash their face before bed no matter how tired they are.  Makeup, standing on the curb while cars and buses go by, touching and scratching our faces…

I Want to Look Natural | Injectables Skin Care

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Natural means different things to different people but it almost always means you want to look like a younger version of yourself and not overdone. Patients come in for injectables like Botox or Dysport to smooth facial wrinkles and fillers to add volume to cheeks and lips, or fill folds and creases. I hear “I don’t want to look frozen”…

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