Microneedling with Radio Frequency 

VIVACE – Microneedling with Radio Frequency 

  • Topical skin numbing is necessary prior to this treatment, but then it is very comfortable. 
  • The machine “stamps” a grid patch of coated micro-needles into the dermis creating microchannels. This micro-injury and the repair process stimulates collagen production. 
  • The needles simultaneously deliver radio frequency (mild heat) to the precise depth to tighten skin. 
  • Depth and RF intensity can be adjusted to target individual goals…wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture, tighten skin, and minimize appearance of acne or other facial scarring. 

The Truth: 

  • You will definitely need to allow time for numbing prior to procedure 
  • Skin will be pink right after, will calm down overnight, and you can wear makeup next day. 
  • Perfect opportunity to let corrective, hydrating or calming serums seep into open channels. 
  • Best results gotten with 3-4 treatments about 5-6 weeks apart. 
  • Desired results will increase over time as more collagen is produced. 
  • Procedure takes about 45 minutes plus numbing. No bleeding, bruising, or pain when completed.